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Stop smoking in Santa Cruz

Stop Smoking Program

Acupuncture helps with smoking cessation by eliminating cravings and detoxifying the liver and lungs. The process consists of 2 consecutive acupuncture treatments on the first week followed by 2 consecutive acupuncture treatments on the second week. For difficult cases, a 5th or 6th acupuncture treatment may be required. The success rate at Acupuncture Santa Cruz of Capitola for smoking cessation is over 80 percent.

I achieve this high success rate by combining acupuncture protocols during every office visit. There are three primary acupuncture points to eliminate cravings. I use all three primary points and combine them with two additional styles of acupuncture. This redundancy of protocol provides the effectiveness needed to overcome smoking addiction. Fortunately, this process is deeply relaxing. The acupuncture relieves stress and allows the smoker to enjoy a smooth transition to non-smoking.

Acupuncture also prevents side-effects due to nicotine withdrawal. Acupuncture not only reduces cravings but also prevents headaches, night sweats, disturbed sleep and overeating. In addition, some patients require acupuncture and herbal medicine to help prevent constipation and to restore normal bowel movements. These patients are dependent on nicotine stimulation for proper peristaltic movement of the intestines. Acupuncture and herbal medicine regulate this movement and herbal medicine properly lubricates the intestines to restore normal bowel elimination.

No need to search for a place to smoke in Santa Cruz when you don’t want to smoke!