Acupuncture Santa Cruz of Capitola

Stop smoking in Santa Cruz

Stop Smoking Program

Acupunc­ture helps with smok­ing ces­sa­tion by elim­i­nat­ing crav­ings and detox­i­fy­ing the liv­er and lungs. The process con­sists of 2 con­sec­u­tive acupunc­ture treat­ments on the first week fol­lowed by 2 con­sec­u­tive acupunc­ture treat­ments on the sec­ond week. For dif­fi­cult cas­es, a 5th or 6th acupunc­ture treat­ment may be required. The suc­cess rate at Acupunc­ture San­ta Cruz of Capi­to­la for smok­ing ces­sa­tion is over 80 per­cent.

I achieve this high suc­cess rate by com­bin­ing acupunc­ture pro­to­cols dur­ing every office vis­it. There are three pri­ma­ry acupunc­ture points to elim­i­nate crav­ings. I use all three pri­ma­ry points and com­bine them with two addi­tion­al styles of acupunc­ture. This redun­dan­cy of pro­to­col pro­vides the effec­tive­ness need­ed to over­come smok­ing addic­tion. For­tu­nate­ly, this process is deeply relax­ing. The acupunc­ture relieves stress and allows the smok­er to enjoy a smooth tran­si­tion to non-smok­ing.

Acupunc­ture also pre­vents side-effects due to nico­tine with­draw­al. Acupunc­ture not only reduces crav­ings but also pre­vents headaches, night sweats, dis­turbed sleep and overeat­ing. In addi­tion, some patients require acupunc­ture and herbal med­i­cine to help pre­vent con­sti­pa­tion and to restore nor­mal bow­el move­ments. These patients are depen­dent on nico­tine stim­u­la­tion for prop­er peri­staltic move­ment of the intestines. Acupunc­ture and herbal med­i­cine reg­u­late this move­ment and herbal med­i­cine prop­er­ly lubri­cates the intestines to restore nor­mal bow­el elim­i­na­tion.

No need to search for a place to smoke in San­ta Cruz when you don’t want to smoke!