Acupuncture Santa Cruz of Capitola

Sleep disorders and insomnia are treated at Acupuncture Santa Cruz.


Insomnia and Sleep Disorders

I have treated thousands of patients for sleep disorders and insomnia with significant clinical results. There are several basic types of insomnia. Most common is the type where the patient wakes up between 1-3 am. They often have complications such as stress, jaw tightness, and headaches. This is known as Qi Stagnation insomnia. The patient not only has improved sleep but also sees improvements in the complications of this pattern.

Another common type of insomnia is difficulty falling asleep. Complications often include feeling hot (especially at night), clamminess or night sweats and mental restlessness. This is the Yin Deficiency type of insomnia and this pattern is often treated with both acupuncture and herbal medicine. Lunesta, Ambien and other medications tend to help these patients, however, there is no need for these medications. This pattern is reversible. Patients can slowly reduce medication levels as the acupuncture therapy improves the condition.

The Qi Deficiency pattern of insomnia is marked by light sleeping and the patient wakes up easily. Often, patients do not sleep for long periods of time continuously and do not feel refreshed in the morning. Complications include exhaustion, lack of mental clarity, digestion disorders and weight gain. The goal is to nourish and strengthen the patient’s metabolism so that they can maintain a sound pattern of sleep. As the sleep returns, the patient notices improved energy and a return of digestive metabolism.

There are other patterns of insomnia including those complicated by post traumatic stress disorder and panic attacks. It is not uncommon to treat war veterans at my office for this type of insomnia. It is an incredible experience to help these patients regain normal sleep. Some of these patients suffered decades of insomnia before getting acupuncture sleep treatments.


Professional Note
A note to acupuncturists, combine acupuncture points P6, P7 and Ht7 with SiShenCong, AnMian, Cv17, St36, Sp6 and Liv3. Also, use Ear points: ShenMen, Liver.