Acupuncture Santa Cruz of Capitola

Sleep disorders and insomnia are treated at Acupuncture Santa Cruz.


Insomnia and Sleep Disorders

I have treat­ed thou­sands of patients for sleep dis­or­ders and insom­nia with sig­nif­i­cant clin­i­cal results. There are sev­er­al basic types of insom­nia. Most com­mon is the type where the patient wakes up between 1–3 am. They often have com­pli­ca­tions such as stress, jaw tight­ness, and headaches. This is known as Qi Stag­na­tion insom­nia. The patient not only has improved sleep but also sees improve­ments in the com­pli­ca­tions of this pat­tern.

Anoth­er com­mon type of insom­nia is dif­fi­cul­ty falling asleep. Com­pli­ca­tions often include feel­ing hot (espe­cial­ly at night), clam­mi­ness or night sweats and men­tal rest­less­ness. This is the Yin Defi­cien­cy type of insom­nia and this pat­tern is often treat­ed with both acupunc­ture and herbal med­i­cine. Lunes­ta, Ambi­en and oth­er med­ica­tions tend to help these patients, how­ev­er, there is no need for these med­ica­tions. This pat­tern is reversible. Patients can slow­ly reduce med­ica­tion lev­els as the acupunc­ture ther­a­py improves the con­di­tion.

The Qi Defi­cien­cy pat­tern of insom­nia is marked by light sleep­ing and the patient wakes up eas­i­ly. Often, patients do not sleep for long peri­ods of time con­tin­u­ous­ly and do not feel refreshed in the morn­ing. Com­pli­ca­tions include exhaus­tion, lack of men­tal clar­i­ty, diges­tion dis­or­ders and weight gain. The goal is to nour­ish and strength­en the patient’s metab­o­lism so that they can main­tain a sound pat­tern of sleep. As the sleep returns, the patient notices improved ener­gy and a return of diges­tive metab­o­lism.

There are oth­er pat­terns of insom­nia includ­ing those com­pli­cat­ed by post trau­mat­ic stress dis­or­der and pan­ic attacks. It is not uncom­mon to treat war vet­er­ans at my office for this type of insom­nia. It is an incred­i­ble expe­ri­ence to help these patients regain nor­mal sleep. Some of these patients suf­fered decades of insom­nia before get­ting acupunc­ture sleep treat­ments.


Pro­fes­sion­al Note
A note to acupunc­tur­ists, com­bine acupunc­ture points P6, P7 and Ht7 with SiShen­Cong, AnMi­an, Cv17, St36, Sp6 and Liv3. Also, use Ear points: Shen­Men, Liv­er.