Acupuncture Santa Cruz of Capitola

Acupuncture Santa Cruz

Back Pain

I treat a wide variety of back pain issues at my office. It is common to see lower back pain and upper back pain (with neck and shoulder pain) on any given day at my office. The majority of my patients have already tried medications and corticosteroid injections. Many have had at least one surgery.

Acupuncture not only stops pain but also encourages healing to the damaged tissue. In the case of disc protrusions and herniations, acupuncture stimulates fluid circulation through the disc and reduces inflammation. Protrusions that are 15mm or less have an excellent chance of recovery. In the case of nerve damage, acupuncture signals the body to heal the damaged nerve. Back pain usually involves excess sympathetic nerve stimuli to the nerves. Acupuncture calms this excessive response and stimulates a parasympathic response which allows the nerves to repair.