Acupuncture Santa Cruz of Capitola

Acupuncture Santa Cruz

Back Pain

I treat a wide vari­ety of back pain issues at my office. It is com­mon to see low­er back pain and upper back pain (with neck and shoul­der pain) on any giv­en day at my office. The major­i­ty of my patients have already tried med­ica­tions and cor­ti­cos­teroid injec­tions. Many have had at least one surgery.

Acupunc­ture not only stops pain but also encour­ages heal­ing to the dam­aged tis­sue. In the case of disc pro­tru­sions and her­ni­a­tions, acupunc­ture stim­u­lates flu­id cir­cu­la­tion through the disc and reduces inflam­ma­tion. Pro­tru­sions that are 15mm or less have an excel­lent chance of recov­ery. In the case of nerve dam­age, acupunc­ture sig­nals the body to heal the dam­aged nerve. Back pain usu­al­ly involves excess sym­pa­thet­ic nerve stim­uli to the nerves. Acupunc­ture calms this exces­sive response and stim­u­lates a parasym­pa­th­ic response which allows the nerves to repair.