Acupuncture Santa Cruz of Capitola

allergies are treated with acupuncture and herbs


Aller­gy suf­fer­ers can find relief with acupunc­ture and herbal med­i­cine. Acupunc­ture opens the sinus­es, relieves pres­sure from the eyes, enhances the immune sys­tem, smoothes air pas­sages and reduces irri­ta­tion. Cus­tom herbal prepa­ra­tions help to clear sinus infec­tions, dis­solve phlegm from the lungs and for­ti­fy the body’s nat­ur­al defens­es against aller­gens.

Patients often choose to use either acupunc­ture or herbal med­i­cine. How­ev­er, they can be used simul­ta­ne­ous­ly for more rapid results. Patients notice greater ener­gy lev­els, bet­ter sleep, less irri­tabil­i­ty, and few­er res­pi­ra­to­ry com­pli­ca­tions as a result of acupunc­ture and herbal med­i­cine treat­ment. Often, under­ly­ing issues such as chron­ic bron­chi­tis, asth­ma and res­pi­ra­to­ry dam­age from a his­to­ry of pneu­mo­nia are addressed as part of the treat­ment process.