Acupuncture Santa Cruz of Capitola

Acupuncture Santa Cruz


I have a very high suc­cess rate treat­ing many types of headaches includ­ing sinus headaches, migraines, clus­ter headaches and gen­er­al­ized headaches. Often, headache pain is due to an unreg­u­lat­ed fluc­tu­a­tion between the parasym­pa­thet­ic and sym­pa­thet­ic ner­vous sys­tems. This imbal­ance leads to endocrine sys­tem prob­lems such as hor­mone, adren­al, and thy­roid issues that lead to pain, nau­sea, stress and fatigue.

Acupunc­ture restores bal­ance to the ner­vous sys­tem by stim­u­lat­ing an elec­tri­cal charge at the acupunc­ture point. This sends a sig­nal to the brain to nor­mal­ize ner­vous sys­tem impuls­es and body chem­istry. Acupunc­ture treat­ments for headaches are very com­fort­able and relax­ing. Most patients fall asleep dur­ing the treat­ment peri­od.

If a patient comes to my office with a severe headache, the acupunc­ture will reduce or elim­i­nate the pain with­in 30 min­utes. It is impor­tant to note that acupunc­ture not only relieves any pain that may be present at the time of the acupunc­ture office vis­it but it will also work to pre­vent future headaches. Think of headaches like a warn­ing light on the dash­board of your car. It is an indi­ca­tion that there is an imbal­ance. Acupunc­ture works to cor­rect the under­ly­ing dis­or­der.

Herbal med­i­cine is also help­ful, espe­cial­ly when headaches are due to stress or hor­mon­al imbal­ances. Both acupunc­ture and herbal med­i­cine are not required once the headache syn­drome has resolved. In some cas­es, such as in the case of clus­ter headaches, a fol­low-up acupunc­ture appoint­ment 1–4 times per year pre­vents future headaches. How­ev­er, patients may not require a fol­low-up appoint­ment for sev­er­al years.