Acupuncture Santa Cruz of Capitola

Acupuncture Santa Cruz


I have a very high success rate treating many types of headaches including sinus headaches, migraines, cluster headaches and generalized headaches. Often, headache pain is due to an unregulated fluctuation between the parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous systems. This imbalance leads to endocrine system problems such as hormone, adrenal, and thyroid issues that lead to pain, nausea, stress and fatigue.

Acupuncture restores balance to the nervous system by stimulating an electrical charge at the acupuncture point. This sends a signal to the brain to normalize nervous system impulses and body chemistry. Acupuncture treatments for headaches are very comfortable and relaxing. Most patients fall asleep during the treatment period.

If a patient comes to my office with a severe headache, the acupuncture will reduce or eliminate the pain within 30 minutes. It is important to note that acupuncture not only relieves any pain that may be present at the time of the acupuncture office visit but it will also work to prevent future headaches. Think of headaches like a warning light on the dashboard of your car. It is an indication that there is an imbalance. Acupuncture works to correct the underlying disorder.

Herbal medicine is also helpful, especially when headaches are due to stress or hormonal imbalances. Both acupuncture and herbal medicine are not required once the headache syndrome has resolved. In some cases, such as in the case of cluster headaches, a follow-up acupuncture appointment 1-4 times per year prevents future headaches. However, patients may not require a follow-up appointment for several years.