Acupuncture Santa Cruz of Capitola

Foot pain and plantar fasciitis


Foot Pain

Acupunc­ture is effec­tive for many types of foot pain caused by nerve impinge­ment and inflam­ma­tion. Most foot pain is due to local inflam­ma­tion. Acupunc­ture is also effec­tive in treat­ing foot pain due to nerve impinge­ment of the back, hip and upper leg.

Plan­tar fasci­itis affects approx­i­mate­ly 10 per­cent of the pop­u­la­tion. Its response to acupunc­ture ranges from imme­di­ate relief to long term pain man­age­ment. The suc­cess rate and lev­el of relief is depen­dent upon the struc­tur­al integri­ty of the foot and lifestyle activ­i­ties.

Neu­ro­mas tend to response very quick­ly to acupunc­ture. Often, they require very few office vis­its to achieve opti­mum results. Low­er back pain relat­ed foot pain, clin­i­cal­ly termed lum­bar radicu­lopa­thy, responds well to acupunc­ture care. Acupunc­ture reduces irri­ta­tion to the nerve roots at the lum­bar region to pre­vent nerve impinge­ment syn­drome and to encour­age heal­ing of the nerve root.